Coaching is a way of ‘walking and working with you’ at this time in your life, when you wish to discover, follow, determine, develop or resolve issues concerned with your life of service and work. This is done over a series of meetings, rather than a one-off consultancy.

Coaching is not telling you what you should do, or what the coach thinks you should do. It is spending time with you, helping you reflect on your agenda and a way forward into God-honouring and God-given paths with your gifts and life.

It is not counselling, mentoring, teaching or supervising. It focusses on your agenda, with the help of God’s Spirit, to move further forward into God’s plans.




with you

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Options Coaching is a service provided by professional Christian coaches for those who are keen to:

  • discover and explore their options in future service and work

  • transition from one role or position to the next

  • resolve issues in relation to leadership, work and service

  • pursue their God-given dreams and calling


Registering for Options Coaching will enable you to meet with a professional coach for an initial three sessions, with a focus on one or more issues, as illustrated above. 

The Options Coaching network consists of a number of independent coaches that work cooperatively in the network. All are trained  and qualified. They are professing Christians working with the desire to serve others by 'walking' with them through times of exploration and resolution. Click here to view profiles

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